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Following the announcement of the new partnership with DHD (Dental Hygienics and Decontamination) DentalEZ Integrated Solutions is happy to announce that DHD will be exhibiting at the upcoming BDIA Show October 19-21 at the NEC in Birmingham, UK at stands O46, O42 and P40. Heather Trombley, President and COO of DentalEZ Integrated Solutions, said “We look forward to the BDIA show in Birmingham as a kick off of the new relationship with DHD and congratulate DHD for running a promotion at the show to benefit Dentaid which is such a worthy cause.”

For More Information on DHD, Click Here: http://dentalhygienics.com/about_us

In addition to showcasing DentalEZ products, DHD will be running a hand tool promotion in support of Dentaid. The proceeds from all hand instruments brought from these stands during the show (up to £100k) will directly benefit Dentaid. For 21 years, Dentaid has made a difference in 70 countries to improve access to dentistry and oral health education. In 2017, Dentaid worked in Uganda, Zimbabwe, Nepal, Cambodia, Morocco and Moldova – and will continue to visit new regions. Dentaid volunteers run outreach clinics in prisons, orphanages, schools and community buildings, providing pain relieving dental care for hundreds of people in these communities every day.

Adrian Buckingham, Dental Hygienic’s MD, invites delegates to visit the stands to find out more about this cause and how to donate. “We believe this promotion at BDIA will allow DHD to provide additional assistance to Dentaid. We welcome all delegates to visit our booths and we’ll be happy to provide all the information necessary on this promotion and on the Dentaid organization, which promotes such wonderful dental care, education and outreach.”

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DentalEZ Integrated Solutions is committed to providing real solutions to everyday challenges in oral healthcare by uniquely combining innovation focused on simplification and efficiency in value based products and outstanding customer service and support. DentalEZ manufactures a full line of products and well-known brands including StarDental® Instruments, DentalEZ® Equipment, RAMVAC® Utility, NevinLabs™ Workstations and Columbia Dentoform® Teaching Solutions. For more information, please visit.

About Dental Hygienics

Dental Hygienics and Decontamination (DHD) has developed a turnkey approach allowing them to take an LDU project from start to finish. We focus on understanding the client’s vision, which enables us to create a concept ready for our in-house design team to work on and produce a full set of CAD drawings which are sent to the client for approval. Once approved, a quotation is supplied for the complete project. The company was founded on years of experience and expertise, some of which was gained in Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Trust. For many years Brian Gerbaldi our Sales and Marketing Director was the governor of Cambridge University NHS Trust and was also the primus National Vice-Chairman of the NHS Foundation Trust Governors Association. For more information, please visit http://www.dentalhygienics.com/

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Whether you’re considering starting a new practice, opening a new office, or just researching the dental industry within the US, the ADA Health Policy Institute’s recent oral health care system analysis is an excellent resource for the entire dental industry. This tool offers a state-by-state overview of the oral health care system, providing general statistics such as dentist to population ratios, fluoridation rates, and dental care utilization for each of the 50 states.

Among some of the general findings you will see in the data, note that the overall number of dentists per capita in the United States has increased from 57.3 per 100,000 in 2001 to 60.5 in 2013. The ADA HPI notes that there is a significant variation across states, but as a whole this could be considered an indicator that the dental industry within the US is growing.

Another example of their findings come in the form of community water fluoridation rates, a statistic which tracks the percentage of Americans on a community water system that received fluoridated drinking water. The District of Columbia leads the way with 100%, with Hawaii at an 11% fluoridation rate.

The ADA HPI has also compiled some summary reports in the form of PDFs, and even offers data tables that compile all of the data used in the reports. The specific methods for collecting the data are also available for those who are curious.

This collection of data is a wonderful tool for anyone looking to obtain industry knowledge. Check out their findings here. If you would like to share your own thoughts and insights, comment below.

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RandyArner Inside Dentistry, one of the leading publications in the dental industry, recently sat down with our very own VP of Marketing, Randy Arner, to gain an “Inside Look” at changes surrounding the dental industry within the last 5-10 years. Inside Dentistry presented Arner with a series of questions in order to gain insight from an insider’s perspective on the changes and challenges that our industry has faced in the past decade, as well as today. Some highlights of the interview include Arner’s emphasis on how practices are currently demanding more high-tech, yet environmentally friendly and affordable products in today’s economy. Arner goes on to detail the many DentalEZ products that provide smart solutions to these concerns: “As practices go 'green', our full line of LubeFree handpieces and compressors provide a cleaner environment…In addition, our 100% water-free dry vacuums conserve both water and sewer usage…Most recently, DentalEZ launched the first true direct LED operatory light, providing new technology to the market while still considering environmental savings…The Simplicity by DentalEZ line of equipment, offers an efficient and economical solution, sensitive to the economic situation that we all currently face...” For the full Randy Arner interview, pick up the February issue of Inside Dentistry and learn more of Arner’s thoughts about best approaches for the research, development, and deliverance of these much needed advancements, as well as how DentalEZ continues to address and resolve the many industry challenges that we all face.
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Wednesday, 30 December 2009 05:00

Looking Ahead to the Future

The dental industry has made much advancement in the past decade. But as we look ahead and get ready to enter a new one, what can we expect? There are a couple of articles I’ve read lately that touch on some trends to watch for in the next five to ten years in the dental industry: Baby Boomers need for removable restorations Pam Johnson’s “Coming of Age” article in the November issue of Dental Lab Products points out that the baby boomer generation will soon be reaching the age of 60.   And by 2014, a mere 5 years, Americans over the age of 65 will grow by almost 4 million.  With this increase in population means an increase for the need of removable restorative work.  Dr. Robert Kreyer Jr., CDT, of Personalized Dentures, suggests that, “The esthetics-driven dentistry we’ve seen in the fixed market will now shift over to the removable market as the Baby Boomers age and begin losing teeth.” What new technologies should we look for? Wireless technology is changing the way we live and making it possible to access information right at our fingertips. With mobile technology, we can remotely check our finances, entertainment, and do business…including business for your dental practice. There are now software programs for i-Phones and Blackberrys that allow you to manage/access real-time information, such as scheduling appointments, patient treatment records and office finances. Have an emergency patient or making follow-up calls after hours? This technology allows you to take your practice on the road and manage your office and patients anytime, anywhere.  The Future of Dental Technology In the December issue of Dental Products Report, Dr. John Flucke points out 3 technologies that are the future of dental in the coming few years. One, 3D imaging and advanced diagnostics. Two, paperless charts and practice management and last, communication, with systems that can talk to each other and dentist collaborating electronically. What are you seeing emerging that will change how you are doing dentistry?  Anything not on this list?  Share some of your thoughts with me.  I love to hear new ideas.
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