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Thursday, 15 June 2017 13:26

Amalgam Separator Rule Reinstated

Removing mercury from the dental practice (and from the environment) is a good thing, and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is requiring dental offices to effectively manage dental amalgam discharges into sewer systems.  According to new EPA regulations, effective July 14, 2017, all dental offices must have begun the utilization of amalgam separators by July of 2020. The facilities that place or remove amalgam will be required to collect and recycle scrap amalgam, as well as clean the chair side traps with non-bleach or non-chlorine cleanser so as not to release mercury. Compliance to this updated regulation will reduce annual discharge of mercury by 5.1%, a significant reduction. Dental offices can meet this standard by using, properly operating, and maintaining a dental amalgam separator certified to achieve at least 99% reduction of total mercury.

As more information about the environmental impact of amalgam waste becomes available, the dental industry is responding with advances in its technology to capture and recycle this waste. Amalgam separators are solids collectors that capture the amalgam and remove it along with other sedimentation that flows through the dental waste stream, functioning with the use of the vacuum and the waste water flow. Building a reputation as an environmentally friendly practice can do much more than generate new patients. The better a practice’s reputation, the more talented employees you can attract, and the more loyalty you can inspire in patients. Promoting proper amalgam disposal can be included as one important aspect of your conscientious practice.

That’s why DentalEZ® Integrated Solutions offers the RAMVAC® Hg5 Amalgam Separator. This easy-to-operate and maintenance-free separator integrates well with our dry vacuum systems to reduce sludge buildup in the air-water separator tank, meaning less time and money spent on vacuum maintenance and repair. With a transparent, easy-to-change collection container that requires no tools, the Hg5 is available in multiple sizes to fit any practice and can be wall-mounted or free-standing. This separator is functional for both wet and dry vacuum sizes, is compact to save space, and has a flexible design for hard-to-fit applications. The RAMVAC Hg5 Amalgam Separator helps you meet the new EPA regulations and takes care of waste management and recycling so you don’t have to. Contact your local DentalEZ rep to learn more!

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Friday, 07 August 2015 08:10

California Vacuum Conversion Special


Attention Californian dental practices – DentalEZ is prepared to help you conserve  water! Through December 31st, DentalEZ is offering a $250 rebate on conversions to RAMVAC Bulldog® and Bison® dry vacuums from any wet vacuum system. With the on-going water shortage in California, practices may also be eligible for local water company rebates for making the switch to a dry vacuum system.

To qualify for the rebate, simply register your purchase at www.dentalez.com/californiaconversion.

What are you doing to conserve water in your practice? Comment below!

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Wednesday, 25 March 2015 11:23

Getting to know the RAMVAC Amalgam HoG

The RAMVAC Amalgam HoG  made its official debut at the Chicago Midwinter Meeting  just a few  weeks ago. If you weren't able to attend the CMW and you're interested in learning more about the HoG, this post is for you!

The new RAMVAC® Amalgam HoG is a high efficiency filtration system designed to safely and effectively remove harmful waste in an environmentally responsible manner. Powered by Apavia®, the Amalgam HoG employs advanced vacuum technology and has an industry-leading retention rate of 99.7%. 

The Amalgam HoG provides dental practices and patients with economical and environmentally conscious water purification. The Amalgam HoG is equipped with an advanced cyclonic filtration system that efficiently and effectively separates and removes amalgam, mercury, alloy, and other unsafe contaminants from the waterline, protecting and extending the lifespan of the vacuum pump and virtually eliminating harmful waste into the environment. 

RAMVAC Amalgam HoG

The Amalgam HoG has a large tank capacity and is durably designed to safely and reliably service up to 10 water systems at one time. The large replacement canisters reduce the frequency of necessary change outs and are universally molded with industry-standard connections that fit all existing installed units. The simple design allows canisters to be removed and replaced without tools. Moreover, the Amalgam HoG has a clear exterior, providing users with visual fill level inspection and making replacement easily identifiable. All replacement canisters are environmentally safe and recyclable.

The Amalgam HoG provides ease of maintenance with no traps to deal with and, depending on the plumbing system, allows ambidextrous installation and replacement. The patented no-tool necessary housing allows for easy access to the filter for extremely simple replacements. Amalgam HoG filters come with a unique handle for lightweight and easy removal, a bag for proper disposal, and a double O-ring bottom canister exchange.

In addition, the Amalgam HoG complies with all existing and pending state regulations. The Amalgam HoG meets all proposed Environmental Protection Agency regulations and is compatible with all new standards, preparing users with early compliance. The Amalgam HoG is NSF certified ISO 11143:2008, and also complies with the American Dental Association’s Best Management Practices (BMPs) that protect the dentist, staff, and patient. 

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Tuesday, 17 March 2015 13:42

Introducing a Refreshed Brand Identity


New Look Unveiled During the 2015 Chicago Midwinter Dental Meeting

Malvern, PA (March 17, 2015) – DentalEZ®, a supplier of integrated products and services for dental health professionals worldwide, is pleased to introduce various updates to its classic DentalEZ brand. With an official tagline of “Integrated Solutions,” and now simply referred to as “DentalEZ,” the Company unveiled some of its recent rebranding efforts such as a new color palette, logo, and a freshly designed exhibit booth at this year’s Chicago Midwinter Dental Meeting. 

Utility Room Booth

With the acquisition of various new companies and products throughout the years, DentalEZ has established a diverse yet very broad assortment of products. The company’s current rebranding efforts will ensure that its entire portfolio is streamlined in order to tell a clear story about its ever-growing product offerings and organization.

Throughout 2015, DentalEZ will begin to slowly phase out the use of individual brand logos and introduce a single all-encompassing DentalEZ logo. All DentalEZ product categories will also be more consistent with the new DentalEZ name and tagline:

Columbia Dentoform® Teaching Solutions

DentalEZ® Equipment Solutions

NevinLabs Workstation Solutions

RAMVAC® Utility Solutions

StarDental® Instrument Solutions

“With this more unified and simplistic approach to branding, we plan to increase clarity of what our company offerings are, while raising awareness and understanding across all product lines of DentalEZ and our many ‘Integrated Solutions,’” remarked Lisa Lee, Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “In the next year we will have gradual updates of all materials, websites, and signage. We truly look forward to an exciting new era here at DentalEZ.”



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Tuesday, 17 February 2015 13:24

2015 DentalEZ® Family Rebate

We’re happy to share that our 2015 Family Rebate Specials* are in full swing!

DentalEZ® Family Rebate
DentalEZ Savings

Spend $25,000 in DentalEZ® Equipment (excluding parts) to qualify for the following savings:

  • Get $100 cash back when you buy a DentalEZ® Chair, spend $5,000 (retail value) on Delivery Units, or buy an LED dental operatory light
  • $50 cash back with halogen light purchase

Buy a package (chair, unit and light) and save even more!

  • $500 cash back when you purchase a package with an LED light
  • $400 cash back when you purchase a package with a halogen light

RAMVAC® Family Rebate
RAMVAC Savings

2. Spend $10,000 in utility room products (excluding parts) to qualify for the following savings:

  • $100 cash back with RAMVAC® compressor purchase
  • $100 cash back with dry vacuum purchase
  • $50 cash back with wet vacuum purchase

Buy a package (vacuum and compressor) and save even more!

  • $300 cash back with dry vacuum package purchase
  • $200 cash back with wet vacuum package purchase

Contact your sales representative to place your orders today or visit www.DentalEZ.com/products for product information.

*Not valid with any other offer. Register your purchases online at www.DentalEZ.com/familyrebate.

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Monday, 13 October 2014 00:00

Customer Service Survey

How are we doing? Our customer service departments are looking for your feedback! If you’ve interacted with StarDental®, DentalEZ®, or RAMVAC® customer or technical service departments recently, please take a few minutes to complete our customer service survey. Help us to make your experience moving forward even better!

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We are pleased to introduce two new exciting additions to our RAMVAC® line of Osprey air compressor products, the new Osprey 24 Air Compressor and the new Osprey Sound Cover.

For dental practices looking to increase productivity and decrease downtime servicing their compressor, the RAMVAC Osprey 24 air compressor is an ideal choice. The remarkably quiet design of the Osprey 24 is designed to provide clean, dry, oil-free air in even the busiest dental practice environment. 

The rocking piston technology of the Osprey 24 provides quiet operation while producing more usable airflow than any dental compressor on the market. RAMVAC compressor heads are 100% duty cycle rated and run at 115 PSI max operating pressure, allowing them to run unremittingly if needed. 

 The Osprey 24 is equipped with a dual column desiccant dryer that provides 100% continuous supply of moisture-free, clean air. While one column is drying, the other is in operation. The unit provides -40°C dry air, and a .01 micron final filter effectively captures mold spores, pollen, and harmful bacteria. Moreover, desiccant cartridges are replaced right in the office.

The Osprey 24 compressor is available in either Basic or Smart control platforms:

• Basic control platform – employs a traditional pressure switch and contactor arrangement to control the cycling of the compressor heads.

• Smart control platform (C2 Control) – utilizes a more modern digital technology, with a pressure transducer and solid-state relays to control cycling.

Capable of accommodating 4-6 users, the Osprey 24 is backed by a powerful 230 voltage (AC) power supply and is equipped with a 20-gallon tank size. Like all Osprey compressors, the Osprey 24 is compatible with RAMVAC’s On Wall Logistics (OWL) center and multiple units can be easily linked together. The Osprey 24 offers a best-in-class warranty – 6 years/4200 hours.

Although all RAMVAC Osprey air compressors are designed to operate at a minimal sound level, new Osprey Sound Covers are now also available for all Osprey models to further reduce noise levels by 6-8 decibels (dBA). All Osprey Sound Covers are equipped with angled brackets and adjustable clamps for easy field installation and removal. In addition to further obstructing noise levels, Osprey Sound Covers also add another level of durable protection for the equipment.

For more information on the new RAMVAC Osprey 24 Compressor and the Osprey Sound Cover, please call 877-341-6275 or visit www.dentalez.com



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New Online Tool Simulates Utility Room Control

 We are pleased to introduce a convenient online demo. This tool simulates how users can easily monitor and control their dental utility room equipment with the OWL Touch from RAMVAC®.  The demo replicates the screens of the Owl Touch and allows the user to see how the device works.

The attractive, easy-to-read color touch display of the OWL Touch Demo provides the ability to conveniently control and monitor all RAMVAC® and CustomAir® utility room products from one centralized location. It replaces large, space-consuming panels typically used for microprocessor-controlled systems. Providing efficient centralized management, the OWL Touch Demo enables multiple CustomAir and RAMVAC products to be easily connected and controlled.  

User-friendly screen layouts for the OWL Touch Demo make navigation of all utility room commands simple and straightforward:

  • The home screen provides the option of either Manual or Schedule modes for the equipment and includes a Master Shutdown option.
  • Similar to a standard remote switch panel, the manual mode allows the user to individually activate as well as shut down each piece of equipment.
  • The schedule mode allows the user to automatically activate or shut down equipment via a personally defined weekly schedule.
  • The master shutdown option turns off the entire utility room. Simply click on the link and the utility room stays off until either the Manual or Schedule mode is selected.

The OWL Touch Demo demonstrates how comprehensive, real time information about all utility room equipment is displayed, including hour meter readings, maintenance reminders, fault detection, product cycling and much more! 

See how the OWL Touch Demo works, visit www.dentalez.com/owl for a hands-on demonstration.   


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Thursday, 14 November 2013 13:12

How Clean is Your Air?

A recent study tested the air compressors in four dental clinics and the results were really quite frightening! Completed by DTI Industry, Danish Technological Institute, the study focused on dental compressor hygiene. Condensation tested from the compressors’ air receivers contained considerable amounts of bacteria. Ordinary bacteria may be acceptable, but when dealing with salmonella, listeria, e. coli, etc. the effects are much more serious.

To deter the growth of such harmful bacteria in the receivers and clinical air lines, the air must be filtered and dried to levels below -25° C, PDP (pressure dew point).  This term refers to the dew point of compressed air at full line pressure. Making sure that your dental air compressor produces the driest and cleanest air possible not only helps eliminate the spread of harmful bacteria, but it also reduces the corrosion of the air receiver and therefore the clinical air lines.

One effective solution is the oil-less RAMVAC Osprey compressor.  The RAMVAC Osprey utilizes a dual desiccant air dryer with a 3 stage filtration system. The dual desiccant drying system dries the air to a -40° C, PDP, well below the threshold from which bacteria can grow. The .01 micron final filter is fine enough to capture mold spores, pollens, bacteria, and even some viruses ensuring that the clinical air lines of your practice are free from any contaminants.

Osprey Compressor

3 compressor conditions that will help ensure good clean air are as follows:

1-      Correctly sized oil-less compressor with absorption air dryer and filters

2-      Must be placed where the incoming air is clean and cool

3-      Maintenance be carried out in accordance with the manufacturer directions

Dry clean air will not only ensure the safety and health of the patient and staff, but will also ensure the longevity of any device in the dental practice that utilizes clinical air to operate.

Please visit www.DentalEZ.com/Osprey to learn more or to schedule an in-office demonstration.


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Thursday, 20 December 2012 03:07

Editor’s Choice!

The November issue of Dental Products Report featured our new Osprey Compressors in the “Product Watch” section and indicated the Osprey was an Editor’s Choice-- how exciting! The new compressors from RAMVAC provide dry clean air and operate at a 100% duty cycle during peak operation times. Visit www.dentalez.com/osprey to request more information.

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