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DentalEZ is happy to share our support for Montana Dental Outreach. We are very proud of what Montana Dental Outreach has accomplished and are honored to have assisted this cause over the years by donating dental handpieces to the team for use in the field.

Dr. Robert Thomas Bartoletti, Founder of the Montana Dental Outreach Teams lists the objectives of his foundation as:

  • To being a true and genuine help for other humans in need, to bringing real hope and to making a difference in people’s lives.
  • To provide free quality dental care to people who are in need.
  • To provide students with the opportunity to help children, youth, elderly, homeless people, single mothers, and in general less fortunate human beings. 
  • Offers students the chance to improve understanding of different cultures and languages!


Read about their most recent trip here and learn more about the Montana Dental Outreach Team here.

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Don’t let your handpiece weigh you down!

This month we are shining the spotlight on StarDental’s Solara QT series of high-speed handpieces, which includes both the Solara QT Lubricated, and the Solara QT LubeFree.

The features of the Solara Series include:

  • Lightweight
    • Only 32.8 grams
    • More than 20% lighter than any handpiece on the market means it delivers less wrist and finger stress and fatigue
  • Smooth Grip
    • Smooth gripping area minimizes pressure points
  • Mini Head
    • Diameter of 10.5 mm
    • Mini head design = improved line of sight
  • Innovative Design
    • Neck designed specifically for the smaller fingers of a female dental professional
  • More Power
  • Noise Reduction Technology
    • New advanced air flow design cuts pitch by as much as 50%

Buy now through the end of the year to take advantage of out 3+1 promotion!

Click here to download the  StarDental 2nd Half specials flyer, or click here to learn more about StarDental’s entire line of high-speed handpieces.

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 StarDental® offers two versatile, high performance, air-driven low-speed handpiece systems, one made of titanium (Titan-T) and the other made of stainless steel (Titan 3), both featuring 100-20,000 RPM capabilities and requiring only a minimum of attachments to meet a variety of procedural needs. These lightweight, low-speed systems feature smooth, powerful motors with superior concentric cutting performance and incredible versatility. Operator hand and wrist fatigue is dramatically decreased, as they weigh 25% less than most other low-speed systems. These handpieces are able to undergo steam-sterilization and are less likely to stall under higher torque requirements than other low-speed motors. Chairside repairable angles minimize operator downtime and reduce costs when compared to other handpieces, while the 360 Quick-Connect Swivel dramatically reduces tubing drag for optimum operator comfort. 


StarDental also offers the Titan E low-speed handpiece--equipped with the same power and performance of the other Titan motors built into an e-type connection motor. This handpiece is remarkably flexible, able to fit into all e-type attachments and available in a 360Quick-Connect swivel or 4-line fixed back end. Autoclavable and high-performing under high torque requirements, it has all the reliability and power of the other Titan low-speed handpieces.

All of these low-speed systems come LubeFree, meaning that all motors, attachments, and contra-angles are available in a form that doesn’t require lubrication, reducing maintenance time and avoiding the high cost of repeated lubrication. With a 360Quick-Connect Swivel, tubing drag is dramatically reduced for optimum operator comfort and the handpiece can be quickly disconnected for sterilization. 

For more information or to request product literature for these best-selling low-speed handpieces, click here or contact your local DentalEZ sales rep.

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At DentalEZ®, we pride ourselves on providing some of the best possible products in the dental industry. The StarDental® 430 Series of high-speed handpieces has been our best seller over the past several years, and each piece within this series is equipped with many innovative technologies that set them above the rest. These technologies include a ceramic bearing turbine that is harder and lighter than stainless steel; steam resistant solid glass rod fiber optics; and a small head design that improves accessibility, visibility, and speed. Overall, this series of handpieces is geared toward increasing efficiency, speed, and ease while maintaining quality and integrity.

Last year, we introduced the latest model in this line of revolutionary products, known as the 430 Torque. Ergonomically designed with a stylish satin finish, the 430 Torque delivers both power and choice to the user. An Independent Study conducted by The Dental Advisor resulted in the 430 Torque displaying the highest watts of power at 27 watts and maximum power output when compared to competing brands.

 In addition to the small head, ceramic bearing turbine, and option of fiber optics, the 430 Torque comes with several other attributes that contribute to its success. Dual air drive control produced by the double bucket rotor design maximizes airflow to the turbine and delivers powerful performance, while the unique vortex washer is designed to minimize debris “suck back” into housing and prevent damage. The unique dual beam bifurcated glass design prevents shadowing in front of the bur, and the co-axial water spray optimizes the direction of spray and water pressure, cooling the bur and flushing the operatory site. Finally, the 100% stainless steel body provides a durable instrument and ensures the long-lasting benefits of the 430 Torque.

Learn more or request a 430 Torque demo at www.DentalEZ.com/430Torque or review our entire selection of StarDental handpieces at www.DentalEZ.com/StarDental

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Dentalcompare is an objective online resource that helps dental professionals stay up-to-date with the dental industry, discover the right products and technologies for their practice, and learn how to best use them. Hundreds-of-thousands of dental professionals consult Dentalcompare each month to:

  • Compare products side-by-side across manufacturers
  • Read the latest news and technology articles
  • Watch videos on new products and techniques
  • Learn which products and technologies are right for their practice

Every year, Dentalcompare looks back on the most visited parts of their website, as it is always exciting to check out which newly launched innovations grabbed the most attention. We are extremely proud to have made the list in the for Dentalcompare’s Top 10 New products of 2016, not just once but twice!

Our 430 Torque high-speed handpiece and our iStar™ Cordless Prophy Handpiece both made this list of the most popular new items to browse, visit, and read about on the Dentalcompare website.

The 430 Torque from StarDental® Instruments:
The dental handpiece remains the most iconic piece of dental equipment. It’s what patients know and the tool used on just about every restorative case. The 430 line of high-speed handpieces is among the most well regarded and popular around, so news that a new version with some extra muscle is now available was very well received.

 iStar Cordless Prophy Handpiece from StarDental Instruments:
Not to be outdone by the powerful 430 Torque, the iStar is a lightweight and easy to use handpiece designed to make prophy appointments easier than ever. It’s stylish and well designed to meet the needs of hygienists everywhere.

If you want to read the entire article, you can do so here.  For more information or to request a demo, visit www.dentalez.com/istar for the iStar or www.dentalez.com/torque for the 430 Torque.

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Tuesday, 04 January 2011 12:00

New Year, New You, New Promotion!

Welcome back and Happy New Year! Hopefully you’re fully recharged and ready to hit the ground solid in 2011. To help start the year off right, StarDental® has announced new promotions! Effective January 1, 2011 through March 31, 2011 we will be offering FREE GOODS with the purchase of various StarDental products. Specials for this quarter include a great deal on High-Speed handpieces and the NEW StarBright® LED Swivel and LED Replacement Bulb for our 6-pin swivel. Illuminate the Possibilities! Specials include:
  • Buy 3 High-Speed Handpieces, Get 1 high-speed handpiece, 2 new LED swivels, OR 2 replacement bulbs FREE!
  • Buy two Low-Speed motors (5k or 20k), Get 2 attachments OR 2 angles FREE!
  • Buy 3 Prophy Star® 3 Hygiene Handpieces, get 1 Prophy Star 3 handpiece PLUS a set of replacement grips FREE!
  • Last, Buy 2 Titan® Blis-sonic™ Scalers, Get 1 FREE!
Contact your sales representative to place your StarDental order today!
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Tuesday, 09 November 2010 09:05

Six End-of-Year Specials

With only two months left in the year, and DentalEZ® having numerous money-saving promotions going on, I thought I would provide you with a nice all-inclusive end-of-year promotion round up! So if you've been on the fence about buying a product, read on below because there is bound to be a promotion listed just for you. Take advantage of these end-of-year specials and save yourself some cash this holiday season! StarDental® 1. Q4 Specials
  • High-Speed - Buy 3 handpieces, get 1 FREE or choice of 2 LED Swivels or 2 LED replacement bulbs
  • Low-Speed - Buy motor and MTA or nose cone, get 2 angles FREE
  • Hygiene - By 3 PS3s, get 1 PS3 FREE OR buy 1 Blis-sonic scaler, get 4 tips and a replacement grip set FREE
2. Q4 MOHA Buy 2 handpieces, get one free PLUS 1 LED Swivel or LED replacement bulb FREE 3. Q4 Kaleidoscope High-Speed special 25%-35% off our entire Kaleidoscope line. 4. Prophy Star 3 and 2pro Prophy Angle Special Buy a Prophy Star 3, get 1 bag (144 count) of NEW Premier Dental 2pro Prophy Angles FREE 5. Hygiene Kit New cost-savings Hygiene Kit saves you more than 20%. Makes a great holiday gift for your hygienist! Equipment 6. Equipment Tax Savings $500,000 Section 170 Tax Deduction. But wait…there’s more! Look for my Greater New York specials next week that will include equipment product promotions! To order any DentalEZ products, contact your sales representative.
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