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DentalEZ® today launched a new, easy to use Online Parts Catalog. Kristin Wolf, Director of Customer Centricity saidQuick and easy identification of parts to maintain and repair DentalEZ and RAMVAC® products is the drive behind the launch of our new DentalEZ Parts Catalog.”The full-featured, interactive, online DentalEZ Parts Catalog shows part names, descriptions, part numbers, photographs, exploded diagrams and retail pricing, along with installation and other instructions. Users can drill down by product type, or search by product name or part number to find exactly the right part they are seeking.

“This Catalog is a self-service option that puts part numbers immediately at customers’ fingertips in their computers or handheld devices while on service calls.” Wolf continued.  “Of course, they can always call our Technical Service or Customer Service representatives if they prefer a human touch.”  Check it out at www.dentalezparts.com and let us know what you think.

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Friday, 29 May 2015 14:16

Design Your Operatory Online!

Do the operatories in your practice need an update, a complete overhaul or maybe you’d just like to test out some design ideas? With DentalEZ’s brand new Operatory Designer – you can do it all with a few clicks of the mouse.

Begin with a blank canvas and personalize each part, from patient chairs to cabinets, floor materials to upholstery.



Once you’ve finished your design, you can download, email or print your new operatory. It’s easy to share with your dental practice and your DentalEZ Territory Sales Manager.

We’d love to see what you come up with. To share your design, send it to marketing@dentalez.com and get your design featured on our Facebook page!

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We are pleased to announce its #MYNUSIMPLICITY Sweepstakes. Currently running on the DentalEZ Group Facebook page, the sweepstakes provides all participants a chance to win a free NuSimplicity patient chair. Open to all practicing licensed dentists and hygienists, the #MYNUSIMPLICITY sweepstakes runs from July 1, 2014 through September 30, 2014.

Entering the sweepstakes is easy. DentalEZ Group Facebook fans can simply visit the DentalEZ Facebook page at facebook.com/dentalezgroup and click on the “#MYNUSIMPLICITY SWEEPSTAKES” tab. An online registration entry form will appear and dental professionals will be prompted to complete the form as instructed.  

Non-fans of the DentalEZ Facebook page can also enter for a chance to win. All dental professionals who are not currently fans of the page are invited to visit the DentalEZ Facebook page and will be eligible to enter the sweepstakes simply by choosing to “Like” the page. Once the page is “Liked”, the online registration entry form will appear and the dental professional will be prompted to enter their contact information to be entered in the sweepstakes.

#MYNUSIMPLICITY Sweepstakes participants can submit up to one entry per day, and each submission counts as one entry for the grand prize. The grand prize winner will be selected and notified in a random drawing on or about October 3, 2014.  

The NuSimplicity patient chair features a narrow, tapered back for close patient contact and a base plate exclusively designed for closer stool placement. Dual-location touch pad controls are conveniently located on both sides of the upper backrest. Touch pad controls come standard with the option to add a wireless foot control, unit-mounted touch pad, or remote wireless touch pad. NuSimplicity is quiet and has smooth hydraulic movements. It has 60° of rotation, and height flexibility from 15" to 35.5" to accommodate both sit-down and stand-up dentistry.

To enter the #MYNUSIMPLICITY Sweepstakes, please visit facebook.com/dentalezgroup.

Please visit the NuSimplicity product page for more detailed information on the many features and benefits of the NuSimplicity patient chair.  



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Monday, 18 November 2013 11:00

DentalEZ on DentalProductShopper.com

We’re really happy to share that DentalEZ Group holds the most viewed product in 3 categories on DentalProductShopper.com. In the Furniture/Cabinetry category, the NuSimplicity chair from DentalEZ Equipment is currently the most viewed product. From StarDental, the 430 high-speed handpieces are being viewed the most in the Handpiece category, plus our Identafi oral cancer screening device is the most viewed in the Oral Cancer Detection category. Thank you to everyone who visits DentalProductShopper.com. Keep those hits coming!

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Friday, 18 October 2013 11:30

EverLight Product Review

We are pleased to share this great EverLight® product review which can be found on DentalProductsReport.com! As the manufacturer of the EverLight, at DentalEZ we are proud of being the first in the U.S. to design an operatory light with 100% true direct LED technology.

Written by Dr. Sheri B. Doniger, the article is titled Product Review: The DentalEZ EverLight offers efficient operatory lighting. Dr. Doniger shares that the EverLight is one of her favorite products explaining, “Both practical and very eco-conscious, the DentalEZ EverLight™ is a functional addition for all of my dental procedures, from dental hygiene to esthetic dentistry.” Dr. Doniger continues to explain how the light works with its 12 LEDs and wide variety of lighting options.

Next, Dr. Doniger mentions how impressed her patients are when they see the light, “Many patients have noticed the light gives off less glare while I am working, so they don’t go “blind” because they’re looking directly at the light.” Dr. Doniger and her staff are impressed, too, with the warranty of three years for the entire light and six years for the light engine.

Lastly, she discusses how eco-friendly the EverLight is explaining, “If you’re looking for a “green” light, consider going over to DentalEZ for a great way to light up your practice. This light, aside from being a fantastic, attractive addition to any operatory, consumes 70% less energy than halogen operatory lights.”

Thank you Dr. Doniger, we appreciate reading such a great review of our EverLight! Learn more about the EverLight at www.DentalEZ.com/EverLight

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Wednesday, 14 August 2013 08:15

Oral Surgery Using NuSimplicity Chair


We recently introduced the latest in ergonomic chair design with the NuSimplicity. What you may not realize is that this chair can accommodate both routine cleanings and more complex surgical procedures. Today we’re going to focus on the benefits of using the NuSimplicity Chair during oral surgery.

The narrow tapered chair back allows the patient to be reclined close to the oral surgery team, minimizing problematic reaching and twisting, and providing optimum access to the oral cavity. The NuSimplicity is extremely flexible with 60 degrees of rotation and height flexibility from 15” to 35.5” to accommodate stand-up or sit-down dentistry with ergonomic positioning. Chair lift capacity is 500 lbs.

Controlling the chair is simple with dual location touch pad controls with the option to add a wireless foot control or remote wireless touch pad. Set-up and clean-up are also simple with our seamless antimicrobial upholstery and exclusive air glide feature that allows the chair to be easily moved.


The NuSimplicity can be used in the Tradelenberg position, as shown above. This position allows the patients head to be lower than their feet when needed to increase blood flow from major vessels to the brain.

 If you’re looking for a quality oral surgery for less, you’ve found it! Visit www.DentalEZ.com/NuSimplicity for additional information or to request a demo.

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Friday, 28 June 2013 08:30

Introducing the NuSimplicity™ Chair!

NuSimplicity Patient Chair Combines Ergonomic Design and High Technology with Flexibility and Economic Value

We are pleased to introduce the NuSimplicity patient chair. The ergonomic design of the NuSimplicity provides unparalleled features that allow the dental professional to freely maneuver while keeping patients calm and relaxed with its comfortable design. The narrow tapered chair back allows the patient to be reclined close to the operator’s knees, eliminating problematic reaching and twisting, and providing optimum access to the oral cavity. Moreover, the new base plate design of the NuSimplicity allows closer placement of operator stools to provide superior access to the patient. 

Dual location touch pad controls are conveniently located on both sides of the upper backrest providing dental professionals easy access without the need to stretch or reach.  Dual touch pad controls come standard with the option to add a wireless foot control, unit-mounted touch pad or remote wireless touch pad.

In addition, the NuSimplicity is simple to operate and has advanced features while remaining economical and affordable:

  • Simple chair controls include auto return, last position, 3 preset controls and manual settings
  • Durable armrests drop down on both sides allowing easy patient entry and exit
  • Wide cantilever base design provides easy routing of tubing and wires, while the slim profile provides a clean and uncluttered environment

The NuSimplicity is quiet and has smooth hydraulic movements that help keep the dental professional focused and patients more relaxed. It has 60 degrees of rotation, and height flexibility from 15” to 35.5” to accommodate both sit-down and stand-up dentistry and ensure comfort for dentists of any stature. 

Optional features such as air glide technology as well as an USB outlet are available. The base of the NuSimplicity is available in either cast or steel plate design, and a wide variety of upholsteries and color combinations to match any office décor. 

For more information on the NuSimplicity and all DentalEZ offerings, please call 866-DTE-INFO or visit www.DentalEZ.com.   


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Tuesday, 18 May 2010 03:00

NEW Product Catalog

We are pleased to announce that our newly designed 2010 DentalEZ® Group catalog is now available and receiving great reviews! You can order one today from our literature request order page. The 180-page catalog is the most comprehensive issue to date, featuring product offerings from StarDental®, DentalEZ, CustomAir®, and RAMVAC® brands. In addition to featuring many new products, the catalog also includes a new NevinLabs™ section  and a new handpiece maintenance section that’s filled with helpful tips for maintaining all StarDental handpieces for you and your staff. New operatory packages, chair headrest images and a revised delivery unit section all make ordering DentalEZ Equipment easier than ever. The 2010 catalog also features a revised equipment data section that now shows upholstery and cabinet color selections in addition to the DentalEZ equipment specifications. Order your copy of the new 2010 DentalEZ Group catalog here!
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