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Every dental office is unique, including a varying number of doctors, hygienists, assistants, and of course, patients. At the center of each operatory is the apex, the dental chair. Wouldn’t it be nice to know you have the best access to work on your patients, without injuring yourself?

Our ergonomically designed dental chairs are the solutions to this challenge. All DentalEZ chairs boast a thin, narrow back to provide clear sight lines and direct access to the oral cavity, so you can focus on the patient..

The New CORE™ Chair


Our new CORE chair provides great support and helps patients stay relaxed for a positive dental experience. Featuring an extremely strong baseplate and stable footprint, the CORE Chair situates patients in an ideal position with a durable hydraulic lift cylinder. The chair is quiet yet powerful with smooth operation

  • Hydraulic cantilever mechanism
  • Heavy duty cast iron chair frame
  • Aluminum casting chair back, base, armrest, and headrest ensuring long lifetime of the chair
  • Emergency shut-down control
  • Double articulating headrest that adjusts easily to fit the patient
  • Flip down armrests for easy patient entry and exit
  • Touch pad control with four programmable preset positions
  • Standard Naugahyde and NaugaSoft upholstery with wide lower back for patient comfort
  • 30-degree swivel rotation with lock
  • Optional foot control with programmable preset positions
  • Optional upgrade of Ultraleather upholstery


The NuSimplicity™ Chair

The NuSimplicity Chair features:

Ergonomics: Minimize Twisting & Reaching

  • Thin tapered back
  • Slim 12-3/4” width at top of chair back
  • Integrated touch pads located on both sides of upper backrest.

 Simplicity: Added Value

  • Simple chair controls include Auto Return, Last Position, 3 pre-sets and manual settings
  • Slim, wider cantilever for ease of internal umbilical
  • Easily visible illuminated “on” indicator

Flexibility: Positioning Made Easy

  • Height from 15”-35.5” accommodates sit down and stand up dentistry.
  • 60 degree rotation for positioning
  • Optional IV Armboard, IV Bag stand and body straps for Oral Surgery

Technology: Meet the Demands of Today’s Practices

  • Optional exclusive Airglide for ease of movement
  • Optional USB Port for todays’ technology needs
  • Optional Wireless controls – eliminates clutter from touch pad and foot control


If you are interested in learning more about the DentalEZ patient chairs, please visit www.DentalEZ.com/CORE or www.DentalEZ.com/Nu, where you can view videos, request literature and schedule a product demo.

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Monday, 19 July 2010 12:20

Three Tips When Buying Dental Chairs

Your dental chair is the heart of your operatory. It’s the first thing patients see when they walk in, which leaves a lasting impression, and it’s also used as the main workbench for you and your assistant. Considering that the dental chair is one of the utmost essential pieces of equipment for your practice, there are important factors to consider when shopping for a new dental chair. While reading my summer issue of Dental Practice Management (DPM), Canada’s leading business and lifestyle magazine for dentists, I came across a useful article entitled, A Buyer’s Guide to Dental Chairs. The guide points out 3 basic, but essential tips when buying a dental chair.
  1. Implement Every Practical Technology. The article points out that dental technology is constantly in a state of rapid flux, so it makes sense to build in all technologies currently available to ensure longevity of your equipment. Dental chairs are a large investment, so you don’t want to buy a chair today and have it become obsolete tomorrow.
  2. Appearance Has an Impact. As stated above, the chair is the first thing your patients see when they walk in and it could really have a lasting impression. We know people develop their initial reactions with their eyes, so if they see a high-tech new chair, their opinions and acceptance to treatment may be more positive.
  3. Ergonomics. Spending eight hours bent over a chair can impact your daily productivity as well as career longevity. DPM recommends that the chair adapt to you ergonomically, so you don’t have to adapt to your chair. And DentalEZ couldn’t agree more, which is why we have long been committed to manufacturing ergonomically-friendly thin back chairs.
While these tips may seem like basic ones, I found them to be the most crucial ones. And because there are only three, it makes them easy to remember and therefore follow! Hope it helps. For details on Dental Practice Management’s buyers’ guide article, pick up the summer issue and refer to page 14. For more information on DentalEZ® ergonomic chairs and technology options, visit our website.
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