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October 6th 2017 is National Badger Day (in the UK)!

In honor of the RAMVAC® Utility Badger LF dry vacuum, DentalEZ® joins in the UK’s celebration of National Badger Day 2017 by sharing our knowledge of the UK’s oldest native species and with a little Badger related philanthropy.

RAMVAC Utility, a DentalEZ Integrated Solutions brand, named our newest line of Dental Dry Vacuums the “Badger LF” after this tenacious mammal due to it’s tough, over-protective demeaner, and its cleanliness.

Badger Facts:

  • There are eight different species of badgers.
  • Badgers live in underground burrows called setts that they dig themselves. Some setts can be centuries old!
  • Badgers are very clean.
  • Badgers have an amazing sense of hearing and smell, but don’t have very good eyesight and VERY powerful claws.

Badger LF Facts:

  • Powerful
  • LubeFree (for the environment, you’re welcome- fellow badgers)
  • 100% water-free vacuum system
  • Used to remove liquid and debris from patients’ oral cavity during services in a dentist’s office


DentalEZ gives back!
As part of our ongoing efforts to give back to the community and the greater learning institutions that have given us so much, DentalEZ donated one of our Badger Dry vacuum systems for Pacific University;’s Smile Care Everywhere van.

This donation was a no-brainer as this program has combined the benefits of helping dental hygiene students get some very real training, as well as helping those in need of dental care in the Washington County, OR area. You can learn more about Smile Care Everywhere here.

Please comment on how you plan to celebrate National Badger Day below.

Learn more about RAMVAC’s Badger LF here, or learn more about these magnificent little creatures  here

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Thursday, 19 April 2012 07:30

Happy Earth Day!

As we celebrate Earth Day next week, take a look at your office, are you doing everything you can to save the earth with eco-friendly products? Here at DentalEZ, we have many eco-friendly products including LubeFree handpieces, vacuums and compressors, plus our LED swivel & operatory light! You can check out all our green products at www.dentalez.com/green-dentistry. Learn more about eco-friendly dental products by visiting the Eco-Dentistry Association on the web, including the EDA accepted products such as the EverLight or Badger Dry Vac. The EDA offers practical tips on incorporating eco-friendly dental methods and practices. Outside the office, you can also learn how to live a healthy, green and sustainable life with PracticallyGreen. Have you made any recent changes to make your lifestyle more green or eco-friendly?
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Tuesday, 27 September 2011 11:00

CDA San Francisco Recap

Warm weather in San Francisco, how unusual! We’re back from the CDA meeting, and happy to share that we were pleasantly surprised with the weather last Thursday and Friday. Unfortunately, things were not so great inside. Attendance was down, which meant floor traffic was really slow! Luckily, attendance started to pick up on Friday, and continued through Saturday with much more booth traffic and product sales. It was a nice surprise to have so much traffic on the last day of a show! This year, we had fun with social media and ran a limited time special only on Twitter. We offered an aggressive handpiece deal for one hour only on Thursday and Friday. We had a great turnout from the special, and were happy to see the dental community making use of these online platforms! Additionally, the booth had a new area with 2 pillars to highlight the Identafi Oral Cancer Screening Device. This demo station was a big hit; people were very interested in learning more about oral cancer detection! The Eco-Dentistry Association stopped by our booth for a quick video on the Badger Dry Vacuum System. Dave Fraschetti, DentalEZ Group Territory Sales Manager in Southern California, spoke about the Badger, view the video below. Thanks to the CDA for another great show!
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Wednesday, 22 December 2010 07:30

New Badger Video

We recently unveiled our new RAMVAC® Badger at Annual Greater New York Dental Meeting. During the meeting, our Utility Room Senior Product Manager, Ryon Waddington, sat down with Gail Weisman, Editor in Chief at Dentalcompare, to discuss the new waterless vacuum and its many benefits! Watch Ryon as he showcases the many features and benefits of the new RAMVAC Badger. The new Badger is an affordable, waterless and LubeFree Dry Vacuum system, which is a welcome alternative to wet ring or aging dry vacuum systems.
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Friday, 03 December 2010 06:00

GNYDM Pictures and Recap

We are back in the home office after a long week in New York City attending the annual Greater New York Dental Meeting. Our week kicked off the Friday after Thanksgiving…wow that seems so long ago! We arrived in New York Friday and enjoyed a company dinner before heading to the Javits Center bright and early Saturday to start setting up our booth. To our disappointment, our booth moved locations this year due to the construction at the Javits Center. I felt the construction caused some traffic flow confusion between exhibit halls, but I must say GNYDM did a nice job with directional signage. The weather was beautiful until what seemed like a hurricane came through Wednesday.  The heavy rains and winds caused major problems on the show floor, including our own booth! Unfortunately the heavy rain caused the Javits Center roof to start leaking in various parts of the convention hall, which forced us to move some of our equipment out of the booth to avoid damage. Of the booths that experienced water problems, we were one of the lucky ones as some exhibitors had to completely shut down early! However, we didn’t let Mother Nature stop us from having a successful show! The show opened Sunday to a large crowd, buzzing around the tradeshow floor with family and all! However, typical with the New York show, traffic decreased on Monday and Tuesday, but to our surprise, despite the heavy rains, Wednesday was a strong day for DentalEZ®. Overall, while the traffic seemed lighter than usual, our feedback was positive; we unveiled a new product, sold off ALL our equipment at the end of the show and took numerous quality leads! Some things you may have missed:
  • We unveiled our NEW affordable dry vacuum system, the RAMVAC® Badger™. The Badger is an economically priced, environmentally friendly LubeFree™ dental dry vacuum system that is a welcome alternative to wet ring or aging dry vacuum systems. On Monday, we taped a demonstration video with Dentalcompare…I will be sure to share that video soon!
  • Live Dentistry: While I did not attend any of these demonstrations, every time I strolled by the area it was PACKED. From what I could observe, it seemed to be a successful program, so hopefully GNDM will continue it next year.
  • ADAA Round tables: Our own StarDental® Sr. Product Manager, Rick Gross, sat with 50 dental assistants Sunday morning at ADAA round tables educating on proper handpiece maintenance.
We couldn’t leave New York with out soaking up some of the holiday spirit the city has to offer. Due to NYC moving their annual tree lighting ceremony from the usual Wednesday evening to Tuesday, we were able to see it this year. It really kicked off the holiday season! So here’s to the last show of the season and enjoying the December holiday season!
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Tuesday, 16 November 2010 02:00

Greater New York Dental Meeting

I can’t think of a better way to work off a big Thanksgiving feast than walking the tradeshow floor in New York! As we begin to wrap up our 2010 dental shows, the Greater New York Dental Meeting (GNYDM) is just around the corner! This year’s meeting takes place November 28th through December 1st at the Javits Center. What to expect at DentalEZ Booth # 3817:
  1. New Affordable and Compact RAMVAC® Badger™ Dry Vacuum System - launching for the first time at GNYDM.
  2. Money Saving Promotions - Be sure to ask about our show-only discount promotions on both equipment and StarDental® handpieces including buy 2 high-speeds, get 1 free OR buy 3 and get 2 NEW StarBright® LED swivels free.
  3. Green Products - DentalEZ® can make your practice eco-friendly. Come see all our green products on display.
  4. iPad drawing - Have you been eying the newest Apple iPad? Stop by the booth to enter into our iPad drawing and win one!
  5. Free Giveaways - Every person who stops by our booth is guaranteed to receive one free giveaway!
So come see us in New York and experience ALL booth #3817 has to offer! Click here to learn more about our new RAMVAC Badger and the many benefits of dry vacuums over wet ring systems. To learn more or register to attend, please visit the GNYDM website. P.S. I’m looking for a good restaurant while in New York, any suggestions?
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Monday, 08 November 2010 06:00

Dry Vacuums Compared

Last week, I introduced our new RAMVAC® Badger™, which will be officially unveiled at the upcoming Greater New York Dental Meeting. The Badger is an economically priced, environmentally friendly LubeFree™ Dental Dry Vacuum system that is a welcome alternative to Wet Ring or aging Dry Vacuum Systems. This week, Dentalcompare.com has provided a Dry Vacuum caparison on their website that includes our new Badger. Click here to explore and compare some of the most popular models from three different manufacturers.
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Tuesday, 02 November 2010 05:00

New Affordable Dry Vacuum Coming Soon!

We will be unveiling our new RAMVAC® Badger™ at the upcoming Greater New York Dental Meeting. The Badger is an economically priced, environmentally friendly LubeFree™ Dental Dry Vacuum system that is a welcome alternative to Wet Ring or aging Dry Vacuum Systems. The new Badger is designed for 1-3 users, is lightweight, flexible, and compact. With a small footprint of 18” x 22” x 25”, installation is simple and easy. The Badger is compatible with existing plumbing as small as ¾” and as large as 2” in either rigid or flexible PVC, making installation a breeze. Stackable for easy expansion, it provides proven performance while taking up minimal space. The Badger’s LubeFree rotary vane vacuum pump includes a 5.4-gallon separation tank and is protected by RAMVAC’s 5-year warranty. The E1 “Smart Control” provides maintenance reminders every 2,000 hours, and has an auto shutdown feature that conserves energy and ensures the longevity of its rotary vanes. Benefits for Replacing Water Ring Systems:
  • Dry system reduces water and sewage costs- Saves Money!
  • No traps to clean
  • Consistent vacuum levels when one or more HVE’s are opened
  • Easy installation
  • Able to adapt easily to most existing plumbing (3/4" – 2")
Moreover, the Badger recently received an EDA Accepted status seal from the Eco-Dentistry Association™, due to its superior water conservation aspect and pollution-prevention features.  100% water-free operation of the unit completely eliminates additional vacuum-related water and sewage fees. Click here for more information and receive a personal demonstration of the new Badger at booth # 3817 at the Greater New York Meeting!
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