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Now more than ever, dental equipment requires quality compressed air in order to operate, making the compressor a vital part of any dental utility room. For any practices that are looking to increase productivity and decrease downtime servicing their compressors, RAMVAC offers the Osprey Air Compressor.  The RAMVAC Osprey is a LubeFree dental air compressor offering superior air quality, quiet operation, reliability, and durability for your dental practice. With high quality air at a maximum pressure of 115 PSI, the Osprey compressors can operate at a 100% duty cycle during peak demand. This cleverly designed rocking piston technology provides quiet operation while still producing more peak airflow than any other compressor in the industry.


A reliable source of dry, clean air can help improve the longevity of your handpieces and protect the health of your patients. Bacteria blown into an incision is hazardous to your patients’ health, especially when dealing with harmful bacteria. To prevent against such bacteria growing in your compressor’s holding tank and air lines, the Osprey’s dual desiccant dryer system provides pressure dew points of -40oF, which is below the growth threshold. The desiccant cartridge is easy to access and replace, and will help guarantee that your handpieces remain in good working condition and that your patients will be protected.

Backed by an industry-leading six-year warranty, the Osprey Air Compressor is easy to maintain. With powerful, manageable operation, the Osprey out-performs competitors on three critical ISO 8573 Classifications: maximum solids particle size, solids containment concentration, and maximum pressure dew point. With multiple options for pressure controls, and available in many models to fit the unique needs of any practice, the Osprey has got your back—guaranteed.



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Through the end of 2017, you can take advantage of our 2nd Half Utility Room Rebate, when you purchase an Osprey compressor with any RAMVAC dry vacuum!

Download the RAMVAC 2nd Half Rebate flyer, or click here to learn more about RAMVAC’s line of Osprey dental air compressors.

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Thursday, 14 November 2013 13:12

How Clean is Your Air?

A recent study tested the air compressors in four dental clinics and the results were really quite frightening! Completed by DTI Industry, Danish Technological Institute, the study focused on dental compressor hygiene. Condensation tested from the compressors’ air receivers contained considerable amounts of bacteria. Ordinary bacteria may be acceptable, but when dealing with salmonella, listeria, e. coli, etc. the effects are much more serious.

To deter the growth of such harmful bacteria in the receivers and clinical air lines, the air must be filtered and dried to levels below -25° C, PDP (pressure dew point).  This term refers to the dew point of compressed air at full line pressure. Making sure that your dental air compressor produces the driest and cleanest air possible not only helps eliminate the spread of harmful bacteria, but it also reduces the corrosion of the air receiver and therefore the clinical air lines.

One effective solution is the oil-less RAMVAC Osprey compressor.  The RAMVAC Osprey utilizes a dual desiccant air dryer with a 3 stage filtration system. The dual desiccant drying system dries the air to a -40° C, PDP, well below the threshold from which bacteria can grow. The .01 micron final filter is fine enough to capture mold spores, pollens, bacteria, and even some viruses ensuring that the clinical air lines of your practice are free from any contaminants.

Osprey Compressor

3 compressor conditions that will help ensure good clean air are as follows:

1-      Correctly sized oil-less compressor with absorption air dryer and filters

2-      Must be placed where the incoming air is clean and cool

3-      Maintenance be carried out in accordance with the manufacturer directions

Dry clean air will not only ensure the safety and health of the patient and staff, but will also ensure the longevity of any device in the dental practice that utilizes clinical air to operate.

Please visit www.DentalEZ.com/Osprey to learn more or to schedule an in-office demonstration.


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