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DentalEZ is excited to announce a new warranty program for all RAMVAC® wet vacuums. All wet vacuums installed or shipped after August 14th, 2017 will have a 5 year limited warranty. Available in multiple sizes to fit the needs of any practice, these quiet, compact pumps have brass impellers and housings. Users can add a Water Recirculator, reducing water consumption by approximately 80% without sacrificing vacuum.

DentalEZ is also offering several 2nd Half Utility Room Rebates, including great deals on dry vacuums, compressors, and RAMVAC Hg5® Amalgam Separators.

For more information on these and all DentalEZ products, visit www.DentalEZ.com or contact your local DentalEZ sales representative.

Wednesday, 18 January 2017 14:28

StarDental 2017 1st Half Specials

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We are excited to share with you our 2017 1st Half specials. That’s right- half, not quarter. Save when you buy the following products from StarDental® Instruments through June 30th.

Each handpiece in the 430 Series from StarDental® Instruments features a small head for visibility, and includes ceramic bearing turbines. Available in both LubeFree and lubricated, our exclusive LubeFree handpieces eliminate health risks often associated with residual lubricant expelling into the oral cavity and operatory environment. We offer a full line of 430 high-speed handpieces including the newest member of the StarDental family, the 430 Torque, which delivers 27 watts* of unprecedented power.

Buy 2 high-speed handpieces, get a swivel and turbine free!


Buy 2 high-speed handpieces, get two turbines free!
Choose from our 430, Solara, or Concentrix lines of high-speed handpieces. Includes the 430 Torque!

StarDental® offers the Titan® 3 (stainless steel) the Titan-T (titanium) and the Titan® E (low-speed LubeFree handpiece motor) for innovative LubeFree low-speed performance. Engineered with exceptional balance for superior control, these versatile long-lasting handpieces delivers high performance ranging in speeds from 100-20,000 RPM, which reduces the total number of attachments required for a variety of procedural needs.

Buy a 20K or 5K motor, get two attachments free!
Choose from our Titan-T™, Titan 3®, and Titan E low-speed motors.

Our Titan® Blis-sonic Scalers are portable, air powered sonic scalers that effectively remove hard calculus deposits and stains and offer an ergonomic autoclavable silicone grip with comfortable finger purchase relieves finger fatigue.

The LubeFree Prophy Star® 3 handpiece, at 62 grams, is lighter than any other prophy handpiece, which reduces hand and wrist fatigue. The Prophy Star offers a convenient speed adjustment of 0 -4,000 rpm in both forward and reverse directions.

 Buy 3 Prophy Star® 3 handpieces, get one free!


Buy 1 Titan® Blis-sonic Scaler, get six tips free!
Tips to choose from: Perio, Universal, Sickle, Right Perio and Left Perio.


The NuTorque® and NuTorque Lite Electric Handpieces from StarDental® Instrument Solutions provide maximum flexibility for virtually any procedure. Programmable controls and interchangeable attachments allow switching from one procedure to the next in an instant. Easily switch from high-speed to low-speed with the touch of a button.

Buy a NuTorque® or NuTorque Lite system with two attachments, get one attachment free!
Choose from our 7 types of NuTorque attachments.

Check out our flyer for redemption details.

 *Dental Advisor Independent Report available upon request.

Monday, 11 July 2016 08:02

StarDental® Q3 Specials

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We are excited to share our Q3 2016 specials from StarDental® Instruments. Below is a sampling of the great specials we are offering this quarter!


Buy 3 high-speed handpieces, get the choice of one free:

  • High-speed handpiece

  • Low-speed motor (5K or 30K)


  • Turbine or Swivel


The High-Speed promo includes the new 430 Torque! Ergonomically designed with rugged 100% stainless steel construction, the 430 Torque is outfitted with an attractive satin finish, resulting in a stylish yet durable handpiece. The 430 Torque is available with or without fiber optics, and either a lubricated version or LubeFree version that provides dental practices with substantial cost and time savings.  It's also our most powerful handpiece to date - offering 27 watts of power!*

For more information about the 430 Torque or to request a demo, visit www.dentalez.com/Torque
Download the Brochure.


Buy one Titan®3, Titan-T or Titan E low-speed motor & attachment, get your choice of 2 (mix and match):

  • Angle

  • Straight nose cone

  • Torque Multiplier

  • Motor-to-Angle Adaptor

For even more low-speed and Endodontics/Electric Systems specials, view the flyer

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*Yapp, R, Cowen, M, Powers, J. (2016). Handpiece Torque vs. Speed Performance (Rep.). Anne Arbor, MI: The Dental Advisor Microbiology Research Center. On file with StarDental.


Thursday, 28 April 2016 10:12

Convert to StarDental and Save!

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StarDental® has been designing and manufacturing a complete line of high-and low-speed dental handpieces for over 100 years. It has provided numerous innovations to the industry, and has pioneered such products as fiber optics, Sonic Scalers and LubeFree ceramic bearing handpieces. StarDental products are manufactured in an ISO 13485:2003 certified facility. Perhaps you’ve heard about StarDental products but never had the chance to try them? Now’s your chance!

DentalEZ is proud to announce the continuation of StarDental's handpiece conversion program. These specials will be valid through June 30th, 2016. Download the flyer for full details.

Buy 4 handpieces and get 2 handpieces & 2 swivels or turbines free.

Buy 2 motors and get 2 attachments and 4 angles free.

Let us know what special you like the best below!

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Thursday, 14 April 2016 08:36

DentalEZ® 2nd Quarter Specials

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We are excited to share with you our 2016 Q2 specials. We are offering great savings on products from StarDental® Instruments, RAMVAC® Utility, and DentalEZ® Equipment. 

StarDental Instruments

Buy 3 430 high-speed handpieces, receive 1 430 handpiece and 1 turbine free.

Buy 1 Titan® 3 low-speed motor and attachment, receive 2 angles free.
Check out our flyer for more options in Low-Speed savings.

Purchase and iStar™ Cordless Prophylaxis handpiece, receive a box of Young Angles of your choice.
Check out our flyer for a list of available Young Angles.

RAMVAC Utility

Buy a compressor and vacuum, get $200 OFF retail of the RAMVAC Amalgam Hog.

DentalEZ Equipment

Buy a chair and a unit or light, get a doctor's stool free.
Check out our flyer for more options in DentalEZ Equipment savings.

All specials valid through June 30th, 2016.
Download the flyer for full details.

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Tuesday, 29 March 2016 16:50

Chicago Midwinter iStar Winners

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DentalEZ is proud to announce our Chicago Midwinter iStar giveaway winners!

Congratulations to:

  • Dr. Anthony Valentine
  • Dr. Jay Buckley
  • Dr. Daniela Brozozowski

 Dr. Anthony Valentine even had some kind words to share!

“I love it and am excited to use it.” “It should be named AllStar!”
Dr. Anthony Valentine

The iStar is a powerful handpiece designed to make dental hygiene procedures easier, faster, and less stressful. Cordless and compact, iStar runs without a foot control, keeping all your focus on the job at hand. Learn more about the iStar here.

For all those who missed out on the iStar give-a-way, we have a special promotion running now through June 30th, 2016.  Purchase an iStar and receive a box of Young Angles.


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It’s never been easier to switch your practice over to StarDental® Instruments! Through March 30th, take advantage of our free goods promotion to convert your instruments to StarDental® handpieces.

Conversion specials:

  • Buy 4 high-speed handpieces, get 2 high-speed handpieces and 2 swivels or turbines FREE
  • Buy 2 low-speed motors, get 2 attachments and 2 angles FREE

All specials valid through March 30th, 2016.

For orders and inquiries please contact your local rep.
Learn more about StarDental®.
Download the flyer.

DentalEZ is excited to offer two great ways to save on StarDental® Instruments. Whether you desire free goods or cash back, we have premier savings options to compliment your handpiece needs.

High-Speed specials:

  • Buy 3 high-speed handpieces, get 1 handpiece and 1 turbine FREE


  • Buy 3 high-speed handpieces, receive $200 cash back

Low-Speed specials:

  • Buy 1 Titan® 3, Titan-T or Titan E low-speed motor & attachment, get 2 angles FREE
    • OR, Buy 3 angles and attachments (mix and match), get 1 FREE


  • Buy $1000 (retail) in low-speed product, receive $150 cash back
    • Bonus: Earn an additional $50 cash back if purchasing both high-speed and low-speed or hygiene

Hygiene specials:

  • Buy 2 Prophy Star® 3 Handpieces or Titan Blis-sonic Scalers, get 1 FREE


  • Buy 1 Titan Blis-sonic Scaler or Prophy Star 3 Handpiece, receive $50 cash back
    • Bonus: Earn an additional $50 cash back if purchasing in all 3 categories; high-speed, low-speed, and hygiene

All specials valid through March 30th, 2016.

For orders and inquiries please contact your local rep.
Learn more about StarDental®.
Download the flyer.

Friday, 18 December 2015 15:22

Year-End DentalEZ® Discounts

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DentalEZ is offering equipment for sale at discounted rates on an “as is” basis. Only used on display, these items are in great working condition and would make an excellent addition to any dental practice looking to save on replacement equipment for their practice.

We have a collection of all types of products from the DentalEZ® and RAMVAC® product lines including dental chairs, stools, operatory lights, workstations, pumps and more. For more information on what we have available, contact your local DentalEZ representative and ask about our sell off list. 

Friday, 07 August 2015 08:10

California Vacuum Conversion Special

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Attention Californian dental practices – DentalEZ is prepared to help you conserve  water! Through December 31st, DentalEZ is offering a $250 rebate on conversions to RAMVAC Bulldog® and Bison® dry vacuums from any wet vacuum system. With the on-going water shortage in California, practices may also be eligible for local water company rebates for making the switch to a dry vacuum system.

To qualify for the rebate, simply register your purchase at www.dentalez.com/californiaconversion.

What are you doing to conserve water in your practice? Comment below!

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