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RAMVAC Supports Geriatric Dental Group

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Recently, DentalEZ® Integrated Solutions donated a RAMVAC® Osprey Compressor to the Geriatric Dental Group, a non-profit dental office based in Portland, OR. Opened in 1974, the Geriatric Dental Group serves patients 55 years and older, wheelchair-bound patients of any age, and non-ambulatory patients in their home settings. Patients come from hours away in all directions to seek the services of this group; fees are greatly reduced, and they offer no-interest, long-term payment plans, as well as charitable donations.

The compressor donated by DentalEZ is the RAMVAC Osprey, which provides a continuous supply of clean, dry air with its Dual Desiccant Dryer Technology; and, the Osprey is designed with rocking pistons for quiet operation and to extend the life of the compressor.  

Pictured below is Dr. Alex Rudnitski, the Dental Director of the Geriatric Dental Group, with the new compressor. Amy Linder of the Geriatric Dental Group describes the new compressor as being, “So quiet compared to our last compressor, and it doesn’t vibrate the whole building!”

For more information about the Geriatric Dental Group, visit their website at www.geriatricdental.org. To learn more about RAMVAC utility room products from DentalEZ Integrated Solutions, visit www.dentalez.com/RAMVAC or contact your local PSA sales rep.

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