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Upcoming LIVE CE Webinars in December 2016 (Dr Harvey Levy DMD, MAGD)

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Join Dr. Harvey Levy as he presents 2 new live CE webinars with this month.

The first webinar, Multi-purpose Intraoral Light for Dental and Oral Cancer Exams, takes place Tuesday, December 20th at 7:00 PM (4:00 PM PST), features the Identafi® Oral Cancer Screening Handpiece from StarDental Instruments.

This CE webinar will describe and demonstrate a long-handle multipurpose tool that utilizes amber and violet intraoral light to reveal increased vascularization in the mouth, whereby oral cancers can be differentiated from normal oral tissue. Its white light detects enamel crazes and fractures. Its intraoral light and disposable mirror retract the cheek allowing an easy oral exam in the dental operatory or off-site.   

Upon completion of this webinar, participants should be able to:
• use the white light to detect enamel fractures
• use the amber and violet light to differentiate normal from abnormal oral mucosa
• retract the cheek and perform a full oral exam with no external lighting 

The second webinar, Operatory Chairs that Make Any Operatory Wheelchair and Gurney Accessible, takes place Wednesday, December 21st at 7:00 PM (4:00 PM PST), features DentalEZ NuSimplicity™ Chairs that use our exclusive Air Glide technology.

This webinar details how the average dental operatory cannot comfortably handle a wheelchair with the fixed operatory chair as an obstacle. This is a barrier to dental care for millions of patients in wheelchairs and gurneys (W&G). Such patients deserve the equal opportunity to sit or lie comfortably while dental work is performed on them. This CE webinar will illustrate how movable operatory chairs glide to the side of the room to allow wheelchairs to be rolled right next to them, facilitating easy patient transfer into the operatory chair.

Upon completion of this CE webinar, participants should be able to:
• use one hand to glide an operatory chair to the side of the room, making plenty of space for a  wheelchair;
• learn how to slide a wheelchair alongside the operatory chair for easy patient transfer;
• appreciate how a patient can comfortably be treated in a gurney after the operatory chair is moved aside in seconds.

DentalEZ is pleased to host both CE webinars. If you’d like to sign up now, registration for the webinars is now open.

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